General Association for Foodstuffs Merchants


The General Association for Foodstuffs Merchants signed an agreement cooperating with Pulse International for Exhibitions and Conferences. The agreement was signed at the headquarters of the director general Mr Zuhair Harb and the director general of Pulse International for Exhibitions and Conferences Anoud Jarrar.

INFTEXPO 2023 is the biggest International food and technology expo in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. The exhibition will be the first in the Kingdom, with local and international companies participating in the food field, packaging, machinery, and equipment. Also, there is a visitors like wholesalers, managers, and owners of major commercial centres in the food field. The exhibition will start in Aug 2023 for four days and provides food commodities and technology.

As it will bring together traders and manufacturers under one roof to enhance economic and commercial cooperation, and it will offer B2b samples to traders, which will facilitate bilateral meetings between traders, exporters, producers, and local and international manufacturers to establish commercial companies between them, in addition to holding seminars with the food and packaging regulatory authorities in the Kingdom and abroad.

The role of the syndicate was to invite Arab businessmen and investors interested in the food sector from various Arab countries.

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