Koperasi Pengilang dan Industri Perkhidmatan Bumiputra Berhad

Koperasi Pengilang dan Industri Perkhidmatan Bumiputra Berhad / Cooperative of Bumiputra Manufacturers and Services Industry Limited (COOP) was established on 11 April 2014 and consists of Bumiputera entrepreneurs in the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) comprised the sector manufacturers and service industry sectors. COOP is a facilitator and mediator for entrepreneurs to provide advice to members. Mission Statement: Our main mission is to enhance the economic interests of members through the following services: - i. Provide high-quality products and services and can achieve maximum benefit for the benefit of members. ii. Creating a service that offers benefits to each member. iii. Offering affordable pricing schemes for each product manufactured to members.


Suite 9.6, Level 9, Menara MATRADE West Wing, Jalan Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA

Phone No: +603-6203 2727



NIMS Crispy Choco Tub & Cup

The healthy revolutionary product that combines healthy crispy cereal coated with thick chocolate sauce of mouthful crunchiness with savoury rich creamy chocolate. MIMS serves wholesome goodness for personal indulgence and to be shared among loved ones. Crispy, crunchy and creamy 

NIMS Crispy Choco Tub : Coco Ball with milk chocolate

Extra crunchy coco ball cereal coated with milk chocolate make for a fulfilling snack

NIMS Crispy Choco Tub : Coco Rice with milk chocolate

Light and puffy rice cereal in our signature milk chocolate

NIMS Crispy Choco Tub : Coco Krisp with milk chocolate

Wide round shaped cereal with our signature milk chocolate for a satisfying crunch

NIMS Crispy Choco Tub : Mini Coco Crunch with milk chocolate

Mini coco crunch cereal in our thick milk chocolate offers a sensational experience to every bite

NIMS Crispy Choco Tub : Mini Rainbow Crunch with white chocolate

Colourful fun cereal in mini rainbow crunch generously bathed in silky white chocolate

NIMS Crispy Choco Tub : Starberry with strawberry chocolate

Star-shaped pink cereal generously coated in our strawberry chocolate for the special crunch sensation

NIMS Crispy Choco Tub : NIMS N's cereal with dark chocolate

Our signature NIMS N's-shaped cereal with dark chocolate for a tastier, crunchier snack

My Coklat : Chocolate Malt Drink

Premium quality beverage powder which combine the aroma of the finest ingredients in a homogeneous processed powder. They have high nutritional value with complete nutrients, completes one's breakfast hence contributes to a great start in a day.

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