Etlingera Sdn Bhd

Etlingera Sdn. Bhd. is a spin-off company primarily involves in commercialization, focusing on formulation and product development technology developed by University Putra Malaysia (UPM). The company develops natural personal care products inspired by Malaysia tradition using mainly natural ingredients of essential oils and plant extracts from local species. Our initial range of specialized expertise is producing personal care products in the form of serum, aromatherapy spray, facial foam cleanser, soap etc. and related to Gaharu or Agarwood, ranging from the supply of products such as wood chips and oil, to the provision of services such as inoculation, harvesting and sales. The combination of natural and traditional practices with scientific approach would produce high impact output which is can lead to another success story. Reliable product and services represent the image of company, this scenario create loyal customer and strengthen the trust specially to penetrate the international market.




Agarwood chips

A by-product of agarwood, are burned to produce a pleasant aroma. Its use ranges from a general perfume to an element of important religious occasions. Irregular chunks of agarwood, usually a few centimetres long and weighing 10-200g, may be
cut or broken into smaller pieces
and then burned, usually in a
specially made incense burner.
Traditional Inoculation had been introduced a few decades ago. The methods being use are by physically damaging the tree with nails, hammer, blades, drilling hole or fire damage. Some even apply toxic onthe skin of the tree to stimulate the tree. However, by using such methods, the yield is low and the quality is mostly of the lower grade or inferior. Such resin has plain fragrant and has very small percentage of essential oil.
New techniques are discovered in this modern time and can be considered as Articial Inoculation. This is widely used in most Agarwood Plantation in Malaysia,
China, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Burma, Laos and etc. Artificial Inoculation consist of
methods such as drilling holes and inserting fungal. This method is fast and results can be seen within 1 to 24 months.
These chips can also be ground into powder and form the base ingredient of the multi-billion-dollar incense industry, as well as many other varied and growing
commercial uses.

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