Plasproof Sdn Bhd

Plasproof Sdn Bhd is a trading , Services and retail company. Since the company inception in 1997, PLASPROOF has involved in sector such as DIY Hardware store, Building services and retail convenience store. We display and market SME product locally and oversea event. Our main associates company is a class A construction and building maintenance since 1992. Our headquarters located and operated at own four storey building.


Wisma Teamcoat No.2 Jalan 6 Selayang Pandang

68100 Batu Caves Selangor. West Malaysia.


Refresh Coffee

Refresh coffee is formulated to increase oxygen in the body, such functions are as: Refresh mind, Strengthens memory, Activate brain cells, Eliminate fatigue. Improve blood circulation. Mycelium is one of the herbs contained in Refresh Coffee. Flavour Refresh coffee. The company also is producing flavoured refresh coffee consists of four flavours such as Latte, Cappucino, Hazelnut coffee, vanilla white coffee.



Malaysia silky smooth ''Teh tarik". 3 in 1 premium instant milk tea. 


Ready to eat ''sambal''(chili paste). Ready to eat with rice, eggs and so on. Also suitable as a cooking paste


Ready to eat travel pack. Fried Rice paste/flavour: Shrimp, Chicken, Beef& salted fish. Briyani gam paste& spicy anchovies, spicy shrimp.



Amplang crackers are commonly made of ikan tenggiri (wahoo) or any type of Spanish mackerel, mixed with starch and other materials, and then fried. The shape and size of amplang might vary, from traditional elongated "tiger nails", to dice, to ping-pong balls. The colour may range from yellow to light brown.


AL-ABYAD MISWAK TOOTHBRUSH. Bristle made of miswak powder and black silica. Research partner: Kanagawa Dental University and UKM. Manufactured in Japan. This product has high plaque removal.

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