EKS Bumi Sdn Bhd

EKS Bumi Sdn Bhd (EBSB) was established on 13th June 2000. It’s a wholly owned subsidiary of the Bumiputera Manufacturers & Services Industry Association of Malaysia (Association) as an investment and trading arm, which manages all Association’s commercial activities. By executing all commercial activities but trying to avoid any direct competition to our members, EBSB shall be a contributor to the development of the Association and its members.


Suite  9.6, Level 9, Menara MATRADe West Wing

Jalan Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah

59200 Kuala Lumpur


Contact No : +60362034726, +60362032727

Email :


Plant-Based Odour Eliminator with lemongrass extract and floral fragrance

Application for: Kitchen & Home, Light cleaning, Repel strays, Repel house bugs, etc.

How to use: Spray directly on the source of the bad odor area and let it dry up in good ventilation.



Wildan Premix Goat's Milk (Original and Chocolate)

A Delicious Cup Full of Nutrients

Low calories.

Without Hamis Goat (goat smell).

Without harmful dyes and flavors.

Wildan Fresh Goat's Milk

Good for heart health.

Good source of calcium.

Easy to digest.

Suitable for individuals with lactose intolerance.

Balances the pH of the body.


Wildan SeeReals

Benefits SeeReals for Pregnant Mothers

1. Provide energy and important nutrients immediately to pregnant mothers who have lost a lot of nutrients and energy after giving birth.

2. Improve the digestive system and help increase the absorption of nutrients from other foods.


BBQ Sauce

Usage: Home cooking or restaurant cooking (marinated, glaze, dipping sauce)

Sweet Chilli Sauce

Usage: Home cooking or restaurant cooking (burger, tacos, dipping sauce)

Oyster Flavored Sauce

Usage: Home cooking or restaurant cooking (mix vegetables, marinated sauce, fried noodle)

Mango Sauce

Usage: Home cooking or restaurant cooking (mango cake, mango grilled halibut, dipping sauce)

Pineapple Sauce

Usage: Home cooking or restaurant cooking (pineapple chicken, pineapple glazed, dipping sauce)




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