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Ginger is a warming herb with a pungent aroma and flavor. It enhances all kinds of foods—from confectionery and cakes to savory dishes. It is widely used in the cuisines of the Far East, especially in curries and stir-fries. The roots can be purchased fresh and kept frozen for an extended period of time.

Ginger is a warming, pungent root that is crushed and powdered to make the spice. Ginger is used in baking, as with gingerbread, and in many Asian dishes. VIAS Ginger Puree is selected from the premium Bentong Ginger type an it is considered as the most sentimental and premium product in Vias herb purees range. This is because it was born out of the company’s strong desire to market crops grown organically by our poor Malaysian indigenous people living remotely at the highland of Pahang State. The name “Bentong” came from a name of a small town in Pahang. It is a well known in Malaysia that Bentong Ginger has the most aroma, taste, health benefits and command very high value compared to the normal ginger. To describe the value of this Bentong Ginger, the price of this ginger is always at four times higher compared with other ginger in the market.  

VIAS premium Bentong Ginger Puree can be used in cakes, biscuits and various sauces, drinks and condiments. The ginger puree also suitable in all kinds of meat and vegetable dishes, including curries, marinades and chutneys. 

Bentong Ginger Puree 250g


This member of the onion family has a long history and was regarded as a sacred herb by the Ancient Egyptians. Garlic is one of about 700 species of Allium, or onion, grown all over the world for their culinary and medicinal value. Garlic’s distinctive, pungent aroma and flavor have made it one of the most popular herbs. It is widely used in oriental and Mediterranean-style dishes. It is used raw in salads and dressings, and cooked in casseroles, stews, and roast joints of meat and poultry. Garlic adds a classic touch to all kinds of foods: vegetables, meat and fish and is used widely in dips, sauces, and salad dressings, such as the traditional Mediterranean aioli (garlic mayonnaise). Our pureed form garlic is conveniently design to avoid strong smell on your fingers when using garlic as ingredient in your cooking. Vias Garlic Puree radiates the smell of your cooking without you carrying it all the way on your fingers all day long. Some health conscious people also use VIAS Garlic Puree to make garlic beverages. 

Garlic Puree 250g


This fragrant herb is a versatile one. It is widely used as a flavoring ingredient is Southeast Asian dishes. There are more than 50 species in this genus of scented grasses. Plants can be grown outdoors in warmer areas and will happily survive the warmer months outside in cool areas, as long as they are brought indoors when the temperature falls below 45 degrees. The leaves, stem, and oil are the valuable parts of the plant. Only the lower 4” of the leaves are suitable for use, fresh or dried in teas and Oriental or Asian dishes. Vias Lemongrass Puree is made from Malaysian breed lemongrass which is known as “Serai Peha Ayam”, this type of lemongrass is widely grown in Malaysian humid climate. This type of Peha Ayam lemongrass is known to give the most taste and smell compared to the other type of lemongrass. Other than used in cooking, Vias Lemongrass Puree can add fantastic taste to your beverages. 

Lemon Grass Puree 250g


For spicy food lovers, this hot chili pepper can be use as cooking ingredients in fried rice, fried noodles, gravy such as curry.

Use as cooking seasoning and marinate purpose. Suitable for vegetables, rice, meat, chicken and seafood.


Hot Chilli Pepper Puree 250gm


Tempoyak is made of fermented durian preserved with salt. VIAS Sos Tempoyak Cili is Tempoyak mix with chili. The sauce is used as dipping and salad dressing.  It can also be used as cooking ingredient for seafood, chicken or meat soup and gravy. Malay people also include sos tempoyak cili in their cooked vegetables too.

A simple tantalizing Shrimp tempoyak chili dish can be prepared by simply adding a table spoon of Vias Shallot Puree, one cup of Coconut milk and a spoonful of Sos cili tempoyak and some salt, to cook with 200gm shrimp.



Much like ginger, turmeric spice comes from an underground stem and is a main ingredient in most curries and curry powders. While you probably wouldn't call turmeric hot on its own, the root is certainly warm and aromatic. The chemical cur cumin in turmeric gives curry powder its bright saffron yellow color, and is responsible for the spice's kick. It has a musky, peppery flavor. Used mainly in ground form to color foods yellow. Vias Turmeric Puree made from fresh turmeric rhizome, mainly to give sense of satisfaction for gourmet to enjoy the ingredients as good as the fresh ones. Turmeric punch or turmeric mock tail drinks, which you only need to add some ice cream soda and ice water are among the special beverages recipes that gaining much attention when using Vias Turmeric Puree. 



VIAS Cili Padi Jeruk is pickled hot chili pepper, made from fresh Malaysian Kampung Hot Chili Pepper, pickled in vinegar and salt. This pickled hot chili pepper can be great to spice up any dishes especially fried noodles and soup.  It is also a very good addition to tasteless and boring food or used to cover the taste of dull and uninteresting food prepared by new Chef and Amateur. Since the taste can be overwhelming and very hot, only the brave hearted people are recommended to consume it.



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