The pluse International Company for Exhibitions and Conferences signed a contract with the FTM company – INFTEXPO

Due to the importance and role of food in our lives and the development of most countries in this field
The pluse International Company for Exhibitions and Conferences held one of the most important exhibition companies in Jordan, which is located in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and Nabd signed a contract with the FTM company, which is based in Turkey, for solidarity, coordination, and organization of delegations to attract businessmen, and that was on the 5th of March of this year.
The agreement between the two companies included attracting business delegations from neighboring countries, which include Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain, Qatar and Yemen, in order to cooperate and strengthen the economy between these countries, to attend the International Food and Technology Exhibition, and to increase international investment.
A group of countries participated in the exhibition, and each had a special pavilion: the Republic of Sudan, the Republic of Iran, the Republic of Tunisia, Brazil, India, Italy, Malaysia, and Sweden, which is one of the strongest leading countries in the field of food and trade.
The main objective of signing the agreement was to coordinate business delegations from outside Jordan to make commercial contracts to open foreign markets for the companies that participated in the exhibition, and whose role it works to contribute to increasing imports and exports at the international level
The contract included putting forward ideas for the success of the agreement between the two companies and the countries participating in the exhibition

And among the most important sponsors to the Exhibition: Amman Commerce Chamber which had a great role in contributing through the disclosures and coordination between pluse company and the businessmen delegations. Jordan Brazilian Business Association played a core role in coordinating and organizing the incoming delegation of businessmen. These sponsoring parties had a core role in attracting businessmen and increasing the investment opportunities between Jordan and the external countries

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