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Paradise Bakeries


About Us:

Founded by Mr.Walid AlJitan since 1996 in Amman, Jordan Mr. Walid Al Jitan came up with his inspiration and heritage that he carried with him from Jerusalem where bakeries are unique and famous in its taste that we mastered. In Paradise Bakeries, we provide freshly prepared baked goods in our 4 local branches made from scratch every morning. from the finest ingredients available, we offer a variety of products including bakeries, pastries, cakes and cupcakes, more than 200,000 loaves of Arabic bread per day baked and delivered, and more than 35,000 toast and French bread baked every day. In addition; our main Factory producing all types of crackers that has many flavors and producing Arabic & oriental sweets. Today we have 24 years of experience that we considered as a leading brand in the bakery industry, we own the “hands-on” bakery concept, which what sets us apart and keeps our loyal customers coming back, again and again