International Food and Technology Expo 2023 Second  edition ,will be held in Amman – The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, where the world of food industry is preparing to learn the new and modern in the food and beverage industry and technical techniques. The exhibition will be held at Jordan International Exhibition Center and it is the first of it’s kind in the kingdom and will be organized by Pulse International for Organizing Exhibitions and Conferences.

With the cooperation of the Syndicate of food traders in Jordan, there will be 100 leading companies in the sectors exhibiting locally and internationally.

Jordanian Market

The food industries in the Kingdom is advanced and is ranked second in terms of quality and quality and reach most of the markets of neighboring countries.

The volume of investments in the sector of food, supply, agricultural and livestock industries amounted to one billion dollars.

Jordan’s imports of processed foods far outweigh its exports; much of this is due to the importation of low-processed food products based on agricultural outputs that the Jordanian agricultural sector cannot produce competitive quantities.

With the cooperation of the Syndicate of food traders in Jordan, there will be 100 leading companies in the sectors exhibiting locally and internationally.

Exhibition concept

The concept of International Food and Technology Expo is based on providing exhibitors and consumers needs all under one roof and to participate efficiently in the exhibition, as it gives the chance to International exhibitors to display their products in the local and regional market, meet businessmen to bound their relations, get new customers and to explore new techniques.

Geographic location of Jordan

Jordan is located to the south of the Syrian Arab Republic, to the east of the State of Palestine, to the north of Saudi Arabia and to the west of the Republic of Iraq. This makes it an important link between three developing countries.

Targeted participating companies in the exhibition:

  • The Food, Supplies, Agricultural and Livestock industry sector is one of the most important Jordanian industrial sectors which has a multiplicity and diversity of products offered in local markets. Such products are permanently linked with the consumer’s health and safety as food items constitute a major source for the energy, as well as the building up of the human body since they contain proteins, fats, sugars, starches in addition to vitamins and minerals. This sector has many advantages that are intertwined and interconnected with several other industrial sectors and that serve to form an associative kind of integration with other sectors. This sector is one of the most significant pillars of food security, as it works to increase the added value of the agricultural sector.The Food, Supplies, Agricultural and Livestock industry sector includes the following sub-sectors:
    • Live animals and animal products and meat.
    • Fruits, vegetables and processed products.
    • Cocoa and chocolate, sugar, candy, desserts and Eastern sweet products.
    • Dairy products.
    • Cereals, flour, starch, pastry and bakery products, potato chips and corn.
    • Beverages, soft drinks, juices, vinegar and mineral water.
    • Spices, salt and flavorings.
    • Franchise.
    • Machinery.
    • packaging, paper and cardboard


المركز الأردني للمعارض الدولي – Jordan International Exhibition Center

Duty Hours:

From: 2-10 pm

Jordan’s Economic Importance

Jordan has a sound and resilient economy which gives it the capability of adapting to local and regional shocks and to achieve growth at stable and sustainable rates.

Despite the fact that the global economy is engaged in a struggle with three economic and financial crises not seen in terms of economic growth rates especially for emerging and developing economies and deterioration of the indicators of financial strength in international credit markets.

However, the national economy continues to perform strongly in many of its financial and sectoral indicators, including economic growth.

Jordan is also a member of the World Trade Organization and an important regional centre and one of the most desirable in investment locations in the region.

Marketing and Advertisement Campaign

Sending a direct invitation to the governmental organizations, industrial and commercial chambers and embassies in and outside the Kingdom.Outdoor campaign:Sending an international invitation to the embassies.Outdoor signs that will be spread all around the kingdom.

  • Advertising media.
  • Indoor advertisement: display screens inside and outside the hall.
  • Publications which will be spread all around the kingdom, in the daily and
  • weekly newspapers.
  • Annual publications in the daily and weekly newspapers.

Bus routes campaign

Advertising through a special website associated with the exhibition.

Exhibition events

Opening event for the exhibition with the attendance of important figures.
Live coverage from Radio Rotana during the days of the exhibition.
On the sidelines of the exhibition, the exhibition will be attended by businessmen and traders.
Full media coverage.
Dinner for all participants.